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1. Overview
A Multi Band (800/1.8/2.1) optical repeater that used in large cities that has large telephone traffic and small town that the signal is weak, to expands the coverage of the base station and solve the issues with the area with weak signals
2. Characteristics
Application of digital signal processing and
transmission system based on minimizing
transmission losses allow long distance transmission.
The advantages of digital signal utilizing practical
expandability (Multi-drop, Cascade)
The external battery installed prevent service
interruption due to the power outage.
The backup battery has the overdischarge and
overcharge protection circuit.
Monitoring, alarm function, control function, editing
and equipment setting with wired and wireless
communication and alarm history can be inquired
using local GUI function.

3. Specification
1 Frequency [MHz] FWD 1860~1870 884~894 2110~2120
RVS 1770~1780 839~849 1920~1930
2 Gain FWD 57dB 55dB 58dB
RVS 45dB 45dB 45dB
3 Input range FWD +5dBm/Total +10dBm/Total +1dBm/Total
RVS -65dBm/Total -65dBm/Total -65dBm/Total
4 Max. output FWD 44.7dBm/Path 43dBm/Path 46dBm/Path
RVS -20dBm/Path -20dBm/Path -20dBm/Path
5 Heat dissipation Natural Convection
6 Operating temperature -30 ~ +60
7 Storage temperature -40 ~ +70
8 Humidity 5~95% (Non-condensing)
9 SIZE(mm) 290(W) x 607(H) x 341(D)