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1. Overview
An integrated optical repeater (800/1.8)  being used to provide smooth service to the service area with weak signal of CDMA2000 1x/EVDO and LTE.
2. Characteristics
Provide the service combining CDMA and LTE service.
Highly efficient due to superior linear current amplifier
minimizing a loss due to spurious radiation
The advantages of digital signal utilizing practical
expandability (Multi-drop, Cascade).
Monitoring, alarm function, control function, editing and
equipment setting with wired and wireless communication
and alarm history can be inquired using local GUI function

3. Specification
Order Item CDMA LTE
1 Frequency range [MHz] FWD 1860~1870 884~894
RVS 1770~1780 839~849
2 Gain FWD 55dB 55dB
RVS 45dB 45dB
3 Input range FWD +5dBm +10dBm
RVS -65dBm -65dBm
4 Max. output FWD 43dBm/Total 43dBm/Total
RVS -20dBm/Total -20dBm/Total
5 Heat dissipation Natural Convection
6 Operating temperature -30 ~ +60 -30 ~ +60
7 Storage temperature -40 ~ +70 -40 ~ +70
8 Humidity 5~95% (Non-condensing) 5~95% (Non-condensing)
9 SIZE(mm) SU Standard 370(W) x 590(H) x 285(D)