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1. Overview
  • The subminiature repeater used to solve the problem
    with the area with weak signal inside of the building
    with internet installed. 
2. Characteristics
Each carrier provide bandwidth of maximum 10 MHz
and high speed bulk packet service.
Easy instillation due to its lightness (less than 3kg)
and built in PCB antenna .
An ultra-base station providing easy instillation and
no limitation for instillation place
The structure designed for efficient heat release
even without the cooling system.
Perform DL OFDMA/UL SC-FDMA channel process
which support LTE standard physical layer

3. Specification
Order Item System Standard Notes
1 LTE frequency 839~849 (MHz)/ 884 ~ 894 (MHz) BAND5
2 Max. output LTE = 17dBm/path LTE & WiFi : 2T2R
Internal WiFi = 17dBm/path * (option: Internal WiFi or External WiFi)
3 LTE BW 10MHz  
4 No. subscriber 16 UEs  
5 Mounting structure Wall mount  
6 Synchronisation Enhanced IEEE1588  
7 Power DC 12V, MAX 6A (Adaptor)  
8 Power consumption LTE = 22W (typical), 24W (max) When using External WiFi
Internal WiFi = 13.5W (max) Max. 40W
9 WiFi Internal WiFi Module Factory Set
External WiFi support structure
10 Temperature condition 0~50°C IEC60068/IEC60068-2-1
11 Humidity condition 0~95%
12 SIZE(mm) 290(W) × 54(D) × 190(H)