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1. Overview
  • Due to the nature of the equipment, Samji’s uses ‘Turn-key base’ contract. The instillation work commences when the instillation and also supply contracts are signed at the time of products of LG U+ ‘s delivery. Currently our business is in progressing in many fields.

  • Samji electronic is working on-site installation work and optimizing the construction of nationwide companies and local partnership projects underway.(In the case of Samji, CO-WORK partners all over the country in a construction company is more than 20)

2. Business Field
  • Using LG U+ Turn-key base construction as a matrix, up to now, Samji has business capability to construct/open/maintain the exchanger, base station, repeater construction and cable-related equipment in various areas.
3. Business overview
order Name of Construction Sales Revenue Construction Period Note
1 LGU+ wireless instillation 46,391,752 USD Jan. 1999 ~ Manufacturer Turn-Key instillation (Femto eNB, repeater),
LTE outdoor housing instillation etc
2 NSN LTE instillation
(maintenance included)
20,618,556 USD Apr.2011~ LTE exchanger, eNB, Local, RRH, S-RRH etc
3 Serveone LTE in building instillation 1,312,089 USD Aug.201~ In-building equipment instillation, radio station inspection
4 LGU+ Cable instillation 21,555 USD Sep.2013~ mmWAVE instilllation
4. Business Plan
  • Expansion of business by being involved in LG U+ regular bidding groups and proposal of information and communication activities related to onstruction
5. Contact
order Name Job Title Responsibilities Phone Number E-Mail
1 Seung min Choi Key Account Manager Administraion +82 2 850-8071
2 Dong Sung cho Deputy General Manager Technology +82 2 850-8058