Battery Pack
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Battery Pack

1. Overview
  • Battery Pack is composed of several cells of lithium-on batteries connected either in series or parallel.
    Each battery cannot be separated and modified. Embedded BMS improves the safety of the product and its portability. Battery pack is the product that stores electrical energy and supplies when needed.
2. Characteristics and its commercial use
  • Li-ion Battery
    - Light weight
    - Low self-discharge
    - Wide operating temperature range: -20°C~60°C
    - Potential for higher capacities
    - Environment friendly product

  • Protection Circuit (BMS)
    - Prevent overcharge and overload
    - Cell Balancing
    - Can check State Of Charge (SOC)
    - Surge preventative
    - Prevent over-discharge
    - Controls temperature, current and voltage

  • Commercial use
    - Mobile Phone, PMP, PDA
    - Electric bicycle and cart
    - Electric, hybrid vehicle
    - Internet data center
    - Medical device equipment
    - Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)