Battery Pack
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1. Overview
  • A production equipment that completing the battery
    through activating the battery and expression of 
    voltage and capability after cell assembly followed
    by chemical process Cell
2. Characteristics and its commercial use
  • Charge/discharge using Constant Voltage(CV) and
    Constant Current(CC) system

  • Flexible schedule and management dependent on
    production progress

  • Real time log and storage of cell performance data

  • Highly accurate charge/discharge device with narrow
    current and voltage management range, less than 0.1%

  • F/W Update through GUI is available

  • Automatic fire extinguishing action as it is connected
    to fire extinguishing system

3. Specification
No. Item Content Note
1 Equipment Size(W*D*H) Rack    
Main Unit 1459.4 * 376.6 * 950mm(W*H*D)
2 Control/power method S/W(PWM) Type - Current AC revival each CH control method  
48 CH/JIG  
3 No. of CH/JIG
4 Contorl/mechanism arrangement Combined Top and bottom mechanism/control  
5 Circuit safety Circuit protecting overheating OVP, OCP, OTP Comply 6 major stability categories  
6 Temperature for room maintenance 25°C+2°C~25°C-2°C(Exhaust duct installation at each stage)  
7 Contact method Probe Pin (bottom up)  
8 Fire fight safety practice Charge/discharge room firewall, temperature/smoke/spark sensor Security center connection, automatic fire extinguishing appliances