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Economically, Korea is more affluent than the past. However the gap between the rich and the poor due to economical growth causes the young people who are responsible for the future of Korea to give up or stop being educated.
This foundation has the objective of supporting the young people to receive, elementary, secondary, tertiary education inducing postgraduates without the financial burden. And supports the students those who have completed their education with diligence to contribute to the society.
In addition, the foundation supports the academic research. As there are a few obstacles in making an achievement, such as need for proactively done research and shortage of the research fund, which delays the progress of the research project, the foundation supports the studies that are nationally and socially required.

Samji's board members and the scholarship students

- formed the 1:1 mentor and mentee to form a fellowship relation to pass down the mentor's enormous knowledge and experiences to sponsor the students to be a trustworthy employee.

- mentee would seek for mentor's advice and counseling when experiencing difficulties and challenges in their life which they will sincerely accept to be a person who can execute the social contribution.