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1. Overview
  • An indoor intermediary system used to maximize network
    quality of LTE or WCDMA and to solve the problems with
    the weak signal area  .LTE or WCDMA
2. Characteristics
LTEsupports 2*2 MIMO, WCDMAsupports 1*2 SIMO.
HCPE-J(PoE Extender) can be configured when distance
between HCHU-J(PSE) and HCRU-J   (PD) is over 100m.
Provide ‘Delay Control’ function.
Provide ALC function which maintain output level and
output auto shutdown function.
Provide optional function Optic Switch which automatically
switchover when there is a system failure.
3. Specification
Order Item   Standard
1 Frequency ( MHz ) FWD 1839.9~1859.9
RVS 1744.9~1764.9
2 Gain FWD 34dB
RVS 35dB
3 Input range FWD -10dBm ~ +15dBm/Total
RVS -55dBm/Total
4 Max. output FWD 24dBm/Ant
RVS -20dBm/Ant
5 Heat dissipation   Natural convection
6 Operating temperature   0~+40
7 Storage temperature   -40~+70
8 humidity 0~50°C 5~95%
9 SIZE(mm)   350(W) x 300(H) x 100(D)